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Yoga and Meditation

Switch off and breathe. Our yoga and meditation classes will take you on a journey of coming back to your body, reconnecting with your soul, and rebalancing the mind. Taking place at our serene deck overlooking the waterfall, this practice of breathing, moving, and being in stillness is a retreat to recharge, a piece of peace by the jungle for you. You are invited to embody this experience in a private or group setting suited to your preference.

Contact [email protected] to book your heavenly sessions.

Spa and Treatment

Our spa is designed for your ultimate self-care using a mix of therapeutic Balinese wellness rituals including traditional massages with organic soothing aromatherapy oils and ancient herbs. This blissful pleasure takes place in our wooden bale (gazebo) surrounded by tranquil tropical gardens, creating a sanctuary of serenity within you. Enjoy the experience between 9:00 to 17:00 and contact our reception to reserve your spot.


Explore Bali Palms surroundings on a bicycle tour and bask yourself in beauty of the nature. Considering the rather challenging terrain, it is recommended to have a good level of fitness for this trip.


Bathe yourself under the night sky and starlights with the warmth of our bonfire while toasting s’mores, sipping some drinks, and creating a memorable evening alongside your loved ones. Contact [email protected] to book your fun-filled evening.

Fishing in the Ponds

From pond to table. You get to fish at our ponds and have your catch for your supper with the help of our chef, who prepares it to your preference. Our ponds have some options for freshwater fish, such as tilapia, carp (gurame), and catfish.
Contact [email protected] for details and reservations.

Tea Time by the Waterfall

What’s the best way to sip your tea at Bali Palms? In nature, by a waterfall. Taste our choices of tea while taking the pleasure of your natural surroundings from the gazebo. The sights of water streaming down, the sounds of birds all around, and the breezy air create a haven abound.
Contact [email protected] to savor the experience in the morning or afternoon.

Floating Breakfast

When you’re in Bali, bask in the luxury of devouring your breakfast while dipping in the pool. Our floating breakfast features a selection of breakfast specialties, from Western to Indonesian, with some options of tasty bread, fresh fruits, and healthy juices. This special treat is available for you from 8:00 to 10:00.
Contact [email protected] to reserve your indulgence.

Cooking Class

Our cooking class is an immersion of the local culture through its culinary palate. Our chef will guide you on the journey of creating memories of flavor through your senses. From learning the diverse Indonesian herbs and spices to being an artist in the making of authentic Balinese cuisine, and feasting your creation, this experience will surely be memorable. The duration of the cooking class is 2.5 hours and the option of a vegetarian meal is available. Make sure you are part of this moment and reserve the spot through [email protected]

Tea time by the waterfall
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Melukat (Cleansing Ceremony)

Melukat is a cleansing ritual by bathing yourself in flowing holy water to purify your body, mind, and soul. Traditionally, a Hindu Balinese priest (Pemangku) will lead the ceremony and give blessings/prayers to everyone doing it. This spiritual tradition is also known to heal non-medical ailments. We invite you to join this ritual at our main Temple. Reservation is required 3 days prior. Contact [email protected].

Contact [email protected] to book your heavenly sessions.

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Making Canang Sari (Balinese Offerings Workshop)

Wherever you go in Bali, you will find some offerings, called Canang Sari, on the ground or in every temple. The Hindu Balinese use Canang Sari as their daily gratitude to the gods for peace and balance as the day is renewed. You are welcome to learn the intricate work of making Canang Sari at Bali Palms. The duration of this workshop is 45 minutes and reservation is required. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Balinese Healer

The island of Bali is a sanctuary for healers and healing seekers. The ancient spiritual and cultural traditions stand alongside the remarkable landscape and create powerful intense healing energy. A Balinese priest known as a Pemangku is believed to carry such energy in their prayers and rituals. We offer this session with a priest and a tarot reader for your retreat to recharge. Contact [email protected] for details and reservations.

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