Yoga / Meditation

Immerse yourself in the serenity of our yoga deck, nestled amidst the lush rainforest with a breathtaking view of the majestic Batukaru mountain. Join our rejuvenating yoga classes offered twice daily, at 10 am and 4 pm for 60 mins. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, our welcoming environment caters to practitioners of all levels.

Yoga mats provided


Canang Sari represents an offering of gratitude to the deities, expressing love and respect for the balance between the spiritual and physical realms. Discover 60 mins learning the art of crafting Canang Sari, which involves arranging vibrant flowers, folded banana leaves, and other symbolic elements into a small, intricate offering. Gain insights into the significance of each element, understanding the meaning behind the colors, shapes, and placement within the offering.


Melukat is a cleansing ritual by bathing yourself in flowing holy water to purify your body, mind, and soul. Traditionally, a Hindu Balinese priest (Pemangku) will lead the ceremony and give blessings/prayers to everyone doing it. This spiritual tradition is also known to heal non-medical ailments. We invite you to join this ritual at our main Pura.

Balinese Healing

The island of Bali is a sanctuary for healers and healing seekers. The ancient spiritual and cultural traditions stand alongside the remarkable landscape and create powerful intense healing energy. A Balinese priest known as a Pemangku is believed to carry such energy in their prayers and rituals. We offer this session with a sound healing or a tarot reader for your retreat to recharge.

Balinese Massage

Experience the ultimate indulgence and emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and completely renewed in our luxurious Balinese massage. 

  • Flower Foot Bath
  • 100% Aromatherapy Massage Oil
  • Soft printed cotton sarongs

Massage is available from 11 am – 6 pm

Please let us know the day before or in the morning if you would like a massage.


Bathe yourself under the night sky and starlights with the warmth of our bonfire while toasting s’mores, sipping some drinks, and creating a memorable evening alongside your loved ones.

Cooking Class

Balinese food renowned for its rich array of spices, herbs, and all-natural ingredients. Our cooking class is an immersion of the local culture through its culinary palate. Our chef will guide you on the journey of creating memories of flavor through your senses. From learning the diverse Indonesian herbs and spices to being an artist in the making of authentic Balinese cuisine, and feasting your creation, this experience will surely be memorable. The duration of the cooking class is 2.5 hours and the option of a vegetarian meal is available.

Apron provided

*Child-friendly Experience


From pond to table. You get to fish at our ponds and have your catch for your supper with the help of our chef, who prepares it to your preference. Our ponds have some options for freshwater fish, such as tilapia, gurame, and catfish. 

Mt Batukaru long trip (12 hours)

Being an extinct volcano, Batukaru, which translates to ‘the coconut shell rock’, is the second highest peak (2,276 MASL) after Mt. Agung (3,142 MASL). Hiking to the summit requires up to 8 hours and descending takes up to 4 hours with a total distance of 11 km or 15,000 steps as recorded. Its steep and challenging terrain demands high fitness for the hikers, so we do not recommend those with knee problems to do this hike. For a day trip, you will depart at 01:00 from Bali Palms to start hiking up at 02:00. You will spend up to 3 hours while enjoying the sunrise at the summit before descending to reach the starting point at 14:00 and head back to Bali Palms.


It is best to do the hike between the months of April to September during the dry season.

Mt Batukaru short trip Rainforest walk (3 hours)

The Batukaru Rainforest stands as one of Bali’s most biodiverse ecosystems, boasting an abundance of flora and fauna within its expansive confines. As the largest wetland forest on the island, it serves as a sanctuary for a diverse array of plant and animal life. Here, amidst the rustling leaves and soothing sounds of nature, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of indigenous species that call this pristine environment home. From colorful birds to elusive mammals, the Batukaru Rainforest offers a rare opportunity to connect with the wonders of the natural world and experience the healing power of the forest firsthand

Waterfall & Local Farm Trip (2 hours)

From seeing Balinese temples, going through some farms, strolling around the massive rice fields, and walking into the jungle, then, to witnessing the beauty of the waterfalls, this trail gives you a full experience of the real Bali.

You will be taken on a journey to the paradise presented before your eyes with its raw nature and life. Observe the farmers working on their lands and rice fields while learning about a variety of plants in the surroundings. Then, feel the freshness of Sing Sing waterfall while enjoying some lunch and coconuts to end the trail. It would definitely be a perfect retreat to recharge!

This experience is a seasonal activity depending on the weather. Contact us for more information and reservations.


Floating Breakfast

For an extra special morning treat book our Floating Breakfast. Bask in the luxury of devouring your breakfast while dipping in the pool. Our floating breakfast features a selection of breakfast specialties, from Western to Indonesian, with some options of tasty bread, fresh fruits, and healthy juices.

This special treat is available for you from 8:00 to 10:00. 

Candle lit dinner

Delight in a culinary journey under the soft glow of flickering candles, creating an ambiance of warmth and romance.

  • Candlelight dinner with 7-course special set menu for 2 people
  • Two glasses of wine for 2 people
  • Romantic flowers decoration

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply cherishing time together, our candlelit dinner promises an unforgettable evening of love, connection, and culinary delight.

floating breakfast
A woman cycling
Motorbike rental/day

The most exhilarating way to explore the island is on two wheels. Our experienced local driver will take you on an adventurous exploration through the mountain regions, forests, rice fields, and local villages on the back of a motorbike. You have the options of tracks to choose from and feel free to discuss it with our driver to get the most out of it! Helmets are provided for this trip.

Please provide us international driving license

Cycle rental/day

Explore Bali Palms surroundings on a bicycle tour and bask yourself in beauty of the nature. Considering the rather challenging terrain, it is recommended to have a good level of fitness for this trip.

Full-Day Car Tour

Options of places to go and things to do:

Route 1 : Bedugul Area : Bedugul Lake & Ulun Danu Temple, Botanical Garden

Route 2 : Ubud Area : Ubud Palace, Saraswati Temple, Art galleries (Puri Lukisan), Ubud Market

Route 3 : Tabanan Area : Monkey forest sangeh Tabanan, Taman Ayun Temple, Tanah Lot Temple

*including Driver and Petrol