Elevate your soul

Immerse yourself in a harmonious Yoga flow set amidst the tranquil beauty of the Tabanan forest, with the majestic Batukaru as your serene backdrop. Engage in the ancient Balinese purifying ritual of Melukat, cleansing your spirit in a sacred experience that transcends time. Connect with the indigenous wisdom of Bali as you meet the Balians shaman, delving into their rich cultural practices and insights. Conclude your journey by surrendering to the therapeutic touch of a Balinese massage, performed beside a captivating waterfall, allowing the gentle cascade to enhance the healing power of this soul-nourishing experience.


Day 1

Transfer from airport to Bali Palms

12 – 2 pm Buffet Lunch

4.30 – 6pm Yoga & Meditation Class

6 – 9 pm Buffet Dinner 

Day 2

9 – 10 am Breakfast

10 am Yoga & Meditation Class

11 am 30 – 60 mins Melukat

12 pm Lunch

2 – 3 pm 1 hour Balinese Massage amongst natural surrounding

4- 5 pm Yoga & Meditation Class

7:00 PM Dinner

Day 3

9 – 10 am Breakfast

10 am Yoga & Meditation Class

12:00 PM Lunch

2.00 pm 30 – 60 mins Balinese Healer

4- 5 pm Yoga & Meditation Class

7.00 pm Dinner

Day 4

8.00 am Breakfast

10 am Yoga & Meditation Class

12.00 pm Check out & Lunch available

Extend your stay and make the most of your experience! Additional nights are available upon request. For more details or to secure your extra night, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to ensure your time with us is everything you desire and more. Let us make your stay extraordinary – reach out today

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