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Awesome Bali Palms Experiences: Nearby Attractions in Tabanan

From World Heritage rice terraces to ancient jungle temples and dormant volcanoes. Bali Palms is just a few minutes away from some of the most amazing tourist attractions in the Tabanan region of Bali.

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Guest Review

We had a very pleasant family stay at Bali Palms. First of all, for us, it was not just accommodation but a complex program full of different fun activities. We were picked up by the Bali Palm’s driver and driven to their resort. The place is very beautiful, spacious, and peaceful. You can feel there like you are in a green village where you can find anything you need without the need to go out. The place is clean, cozy, and maintained well. The staff is very friendly and they make sure you enjoy your stay and feel comfortable. I was surprised by the activities offered by them through which you can experience Balinese culture – the Melukat ceremony (a cleansing ritual), the workshop of canang sari (the Balinese offering), and the Balinese massage. Apart from that we also did fishing, had a floating breakfast in their swimming pool, enjoyed delicious food (not only Balinese, we also tasted some Mexican options), played games with our daughter, and relaxed by being far from the crowd and having good care. Thank you Bali Palms for a very enjoyable stay and your kindness. We will visit you again for sure! – Arenika Łysko, Poland

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