Meet a living dinosaur, fry an egg in a volcano and skateboard across the jungle canopy. Discover 30 Bali jungle experiences that will rock your world, like adrenaline-filled jungle motocross, the mystical  village of the unburied dead and an unforgettable private  jungle villa with a pool

A quick voyage on google earth will convince you that Bali is pretty much covered in dense jungle. It’s home to striking natural beauty and thousands of unique and wonderful animals, insects and plants. But it’s also the keeper of many ancient and sacred places, customs and myths.

PLUS: The best and most beautiful part of the island? Discover where to go in Bali.


1.Gunung Kawi Temple In A Jungle Ravine

It looks like a scene out of tomb raider, right there in the middle of the jungle, covered in vines.  This is one of those truly majestic Bali Jungle sights you shouldn’t miss. Imagine, it’s situated on either side of the  Pakrisan river, with shrines carved into the rock faces of the river banks. And, the connection is via stone bridge.  And it all dates back to the 11th century. Plus it’s part of a mind-blowing complex of temples and shrines. Wow! Don’t take our word for it – it’s one of those Bali jungle sights you must see for yourself. 

The ultimate Bali jungle temple

2.The Legend of Goa Gajah

Some people find Elephant Cave or Goa Gajah, creepy to look at, but the Balinese legend behind it is even creepier – imagine a giant, carving out the rock by scraping at it with his bare fingernails. It sends shivers! That said, it’s actually a really beautiful place once you go in. Lotus ponds, waterfalls, bridges and stairs all framed in lush, tropical foliage. You’ll also find a temple with shrines and a bathing pool all dating back to the 11th century.  Altogether one of the coolest Bali jungle sights.                                                          

Bali jungle legends

3. Spooky  Trunyan – Jungle Village Of The Unburied Dead.

So, this is truly one of the Bali jungle sights that could alter your world view. Warning:  it’s not for the faint-hearted only the seriously curious or the incurably ghoulish. The first thing you’ll notice are the human skulls – rows of them. Then bamboo conical arrangements placed over corpses. What? Yes, seriously… you see, Trunyan is a place where the dead are laid on top of the ground. And what about the smell? Well that’s the weird thing, it apparently doesn’t smell bad, because of the presence of a really special strongly perfumed tree. 

Mystical or horrific… depends on the gaze

4. Explore The Rice Fields Of Bali

Take a stroll through Jatiluwih, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Staggeringly beautiful, these rice terraces must be seen. They’re a short trip away from Bali Palms.  

Achingly beautiful green Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Tabanan Regency


5. Group Jungle Trekking In Ubud

Waterfalls, rainforest and rice paddies. You can book a group jungle trekking adventure that takes you and your friends from Taro through the local rice agriculture fields and into the heart of the rainforest – stopping and enjoying every waterfall along the way. You get a local guide, and it’s super chill – every fitness level welcome!

Contact: Phone: (+62) 361 721480 | WhatsApp: (+62) 811 3979 480 

6. Blaze Trails Through The Bali Jungle On A Quad Bike

Adrenaline. Fuel. And the Bali Jungle. What better way to explore the jungle than on your own quad bike? Ride two-two, or get everyone their own. Best part: You can organise to have your bike parked right outside your villa when you arrive at Bali Palms.

Contact: Phone: (+62) 811 3889 822 |

7. Cycle Through The Treetops

30 Meters up. A bike. And you (screaming, if you like). One of the most outrageous new Bali jungle activities is the Ubud Sky Bike. And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Contact: Phone: (+62) 822 3636 5577 | Email: [email protected]

8. Enduro Motocross Through The Jungle

When normal ATVs are too casual for your liking, there’s always an enduro tour to get your heart going. We’re talking waterfalls, rivers, jungle and quaint little villages – all from your choice of Kwasaki or KTM. 

Contact: WhatsApp: (+62) 878 5595 6801 | Email: [email protected]

9. The Bali Jungle From Above

Ride a skateboard in the jungle canopy, walk a tightrope or zipline from tree to tree.  It’s why Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is one of our favourite Bali Jungle sights. Why? Because  you get to move in and around the jungle canopy and enjoy a view like never before. There are suspended bridges, Tarzan jumps, spider nets, flying swings and more. 

A new worldview from above the Bali Jungle

10. Get Hooked on Bali Swinging

Whizz over the Bali jungle canopy, soar over a waterfall or get a birds eye view from your own  giant dangling nest. This is adrenalin-junkie heaven – it’s an entire park filled with swings of all heights and shapes.  Pick your fix from 10m to 78m off the ground. Influencer alert: This is the ultimate Bali jungle holiday experience for Instagrammers. Find out more about 6 Bali Swing Combo Experiences You Never Expected.

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Bali jungle swing

11. Sing Sing Jungle Waterfall Magic

Enchanting,  sheltered in a shady enclave in the middle of the jungle, and off the beaten track. You may even get there to find you have Sing Sing Waterfall blissfully all to yourself!  Among must-view Bali Jungle sights are the waterfalls. And while Sing Sing isn’t the highest, it’s notable because it’s a twin waterfall. Set yourself up in one of the cute little huts which provide shade or shelter from rain. Bring a picnic! And, it’s only ten minutes from Bali Palms the “real” Bali Jungle Resort.

Check out a few more waterfalls in Bali

Magical Bali jungle waterfalls

12. Best Bali Nature Walk

One of the most amazing FREE activities on the island is the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It takes you around villages, parts of the jungle, and it’s easy enough for anyone to enjoy. Best part: Come at different times of the day for a new experience every time!

Walk Bali jungle paths

13. Step Out Of Your Villa Onto Your Own Motorised Jungle Scooter

Wander around a forest with monkeys and bats, eyeball King Cobras and Komodo Dragons, or maybe you prefer butterflies? Get a shopping fix at a night market – great food, clothes and souvenirs.  Head to a beach, a waterfall or the unforgettable Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can do it all in your own time and plot your unique Bali jungle experience by car or bike when you stay at Bali Palms

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Bali Palms private jungle villas are a best-kept-Bali-jungle secret

14. Fry an Egg In An Active Volcano

How do you like your eggs? How about cooked over the steam of an active volcano? Have them scrambled or sunny side up on the summit of Bali’s volcanic and sacred Mount Batur. And you’ll have built up a very healthy appetite after trekking since 3am, but the sunrise, from your literally heavenly position above the clouds, makes it all worth it.  And, if you’re lucky, you may see monkeys on the way down.

Fry an egg in volcanic steam and enjoy this view on your Mt. Batur sunrise trek

15. Chill & Catch Your Own Supper

Fishing is BIG in Bali. You have so many options – there’s spear fishing, deep sea fishing, coral fishing (from a traditional Balinese boat). But our absolute favourite is right in our own backyard. Did you know that your Bali Palms accommodation includes fishing rods and access to our stocked Tilapia and Gurame ponds? No jokes, bring your catch to the restaurant and Chef will prepare it for your supper. Only at Bali Palms.

Contact: Phone: (+62) 811 3889 822 | Email: [email protected]

16. Go From Treetop Yoga To Golf Courses All Day

From unique yoga experiences to awesome golf courses to explore. You can basically just travel from yoga platform to new greens all around the island all day long. Check out these 10 nearby Bali yoga and golf holiday experiences.

Bali is famous for its golf courses

17. Have A Bali Jungle Smudging Experience 

Have your aura cleansed with jungle smudging, meditation and a trek to an ancient temple along hidden trails and through the lush jungle of Bali Aga Village. Immerse yourself in a holy spring in a sacred ritual known as Melukat. Emerge feeling peaceful, happier and more present. You can book through Bali Palms

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The Bali Jungle is the perfect place to cleanse your aura and find the healing you crave

18. Authentic Tea Ritual And Your Own Private Waterfall 

Balinese tea. A private waterfall. And just a short walk from your own villa and pool. We host regular tea experiences for guests – and, yes! that’s our own private waterfall. Book and see for yourself at Bali Palms.

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Tea Bali-style by the waterfall

19. Bali Jungle Village 

Deep in the heart of the Bali Jungle in Tabanan Regency, far off the beaten tourist track, lies a place where time has stood still. Here, everyday, the people do what their ancestors have done for centuries. Their traditional rituals, farming methods and cooking techniques have been handed down from generation to generation. This is the Bali Jungle village of Pupuan Sawah. It’s a small collection of  5 even tinier  Banjars or neighbourhoods; Pupuan Sawah, Cangkup, Laleng, Kikian and Pengesan. 


It’s so remote, most people haven’t even heard of it, but this is the real Bali. The Bali that existed before it became overrun with tourists. This is where you’ll find a sense of peace like no other.  Walk jog or cycle past the Bali Jungle village of Pupuan Sawah  and breath in the scent of roasting Kopi Bali, the island’s famous coffee. And, if you’re lucky you may experience the heavenly fragrance of clove blossoms in season. Surrounded by palm and cacao trees, you’ll be steps away from the breathtaking rice paddies of the Tabanan regency. The area is actually called “the rice bowl of Bali”. 

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The heart of the Bali Jungle

20. Bali Jungle Luxury Villas With Pool 

Set in the sleepy Bali jungle village of  Pupuan Sawah, alongside the tiny Laleng banjar or neighbourhood is one of Bali’s best kept secrets.

This is Bali Palms; a  collection of 10 private villas set on over 5 acres of exquisitely landscaped garden rolling down to a sparkling salt-chlorinated pool,  a river, forest, private waterfall and the Bali jungle beyond. Oh, and not forgetting a yoga deck just above the jungle canopy. 

Explore our luxury accommodation and facilities.

At Bali Palms sustainability is a major focus.  The grounds are home to fruit trees including banana, mango, papaya, orange, coconut, mangosteen and many others –- all available for guests depending on the season! They also raise their own freshwater fish, including Tilapia and Gurame. You can fish for your own and the chef will prepare them for you. Oh, and there is also a  small but  industrious team of hens who are happy to provide fresh farm eggs. 


One of the most amazing things about Bali is that quite a few of the animals of the Bali jungle you won’t find anywhere else.You see, evolution took a very different path for a lot of the birds and some mammals in Bali. It’s because of a really deep body of water that separates Bali from neighbouring land masses. Some species just didn’t cross it, which makes a lot of Bali fauna pretty unique.

21.The Long-tailed Macaques Of Alas Kedaton 

Meet the adorable baby long-tailed Macaques and get a close up view of these fascinating primates in their natural habitat. While Bali is home to quite a few monkey forests, if you’re looking for a place where there are more monkeys than tourists, try Alas Kedaton nutmeg  forest and temple in Kutuh village Tabanan. This is one of the Bali jungle sights that is pretty much off the beaten tourist track and closer to the real Bali where you’ll also find Bali Palms with 10 private jungle villas and a pool.  

Monkey business as usual

22. Why Are Monkeys  Considered Sacred?

The Bali long-tailed macaques of Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest will happily rob you blind. They steal sunglasses, caps, jewelry, purses and even the thongs off your feet. It’s all for ransom – they’ll return your stuff in exchange for food.  They may act immoral, but monkeys are considered sacred by the Balinese Hindus. They believe that monkeys are either reincarnated humans or they’re about to be reincarnated as humans in a next life. This means they need some heavenly protection, and that’s why you’ll find temples in Bali’s monkey sanctuaries. When you stay at Bali Palms, we can arrange a visit to any of the sacred monkey forests for you. 

My precious

23. Breakfast With The Orangutans 

Become besties with the most loving of the animals in the Bali jungle. The orangutans will steal your heart – we share 97% of our DNA with them. Get silly with them and then have breakfast alongside them. They’re at Bali zoo which covers an impressive 9 hectares of lush Bali jungle. It’s home to at least 450 exotic creatures including honey bears, lions, astonishingly beautiful birds and reptiles to blow you away. We reckon the iguana will steal your heart. 

24. I’m Ginger And I Love It

And meet the apricot-colored baby  Javan Langurs plus a whole of other primates.  Bali Zoo is one of the must-visit Bali jungle sights. Stay at Bali Palms and they’ll arrange it for you. 

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Javan Langurs are orange as babies.

25.  Are There Tigers in Bali?

Well not in the wild these days, although they used to rule over the animals of the Bali jungle and they roamed free on the slopes of  Bali’s volcanic mountains. But you can still meet them. Only this time it’s you in a cage and the tigers are looking in. Stay at Bali Palms and we can organise a thrilling night safari encounter with these giant cats.

FUN FACT: Tigers are one of the mammals that didn’t cross the biogeographical line, that’s why you won’t find them in Australia for example, only in Asia. 

A night encounter with Javan tigers

26. Take A Bath With An Elephant

Okay these guys are from nearby Sumatra and they’ve been rescued to save them from the threats of poaching and deforestation. Native to Indonesia, at one time they roamed free in rainforests.  Visit  Mason’s Elephant Park in Bali where you can bath them, play with them and take a ride on a gentle giant’s back for a bird’s eye view of other animals of the Bali jungle. 

Whatsapp  +62 811 3979 480 

27. Meet The Beauties Of Bali Bird Park 

Cuddle black-haired beauty Anna Maria, she’ll sing and dance for you. She’s a black palm cockatoo and she’s not the only one who likes to get close at Bali Bird Park –  the psychedelic macaws are also sweeties, and they are spectacular, we’re talking  crimson, sunshine yellow, emerald and sapphire. We haven’t even started on the wreathed hornbills. And don’t forget Bali’s national bird, the adorable but endangered blue starling. They’re among 1000 birds made up of 250 species. If seeing the animals of the Bali jungle is on your list, the birds should be right up there. 

Book your stay at Bali Palms, and we’ll arrange the visit for you.

Whatsapp  +62 811 3979 480 

28. Bug’s Life at Bali Butterfly Park 

Say hello to the world’s biggest beetle – we dare you to let it sit on your hand, it will take up your entire palm! But don’t worry, the Indonesian rhino beetle is harmless, just like the massive stick insects and those crazy little bugs you’ll mistake for dead leaves or dainty pink orchids. And what about the butterfly disguised with a snake head on its wings? They’re all at Bali butterfly park along with tarantulas, scorpions and a bunch of other creepy crawlies. A perfect day out for fans of bugs and animals of the Bali jungle.  Book your stay at Bali Palms and we’ll organise the trip for you.

Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan +62 (0)361 8940595

29. Which Are The Most Dangerous Animals Of The Bali Jungle? 

The Komodo dragon may well be the most dangerous among the animals of the Bali jungle, with those shark-like teeth and a habit of ripping open the throat of their prey. Their bite is fatal and they’ll eat anything – even their own babies. You can find them at the Bali Reptile Park, the Bali Zoo and Bali Safari and Marine Park. If you want to see them in their natural habitat,  take a short trip across the water to Rinca Island. If you want to see these formidable guys, We can organise your trip when you book and stay at Bali Palms. 

Komodo Dragon poison power

30. Meet A Real Live Dinosaur

It’s got spikes, a thick tail with a crest and angry eyes. Yup, it’s a dinosaur and you can meet one in Bali. Seriously, the sailfin dragons are likely to be the closest living thing to actual dinos of old. And, how about making friends with an enormous reticulated python? Or maybe you want to give some love to the iguanas – they’re the friendly guys. But, you might not want to get that close to the king cobra and its sidekicks, those venomous vipers though. Most of the animals in the Bali jungle keep their distance.  When you stay at Bali Palms, you get The Best of Bali: Your Own Private Bali Jungle Villa With a Pool & Luxuries and we can arrange a Bali Reptile Park outing for you.    

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