Scary faces carved by a giant’s fingernails, apricot-coloured baby primates, and a view of the jungle as you fly through the canopy on a skateboard. Just some of the strange and wonderful Bali jungle sights. PLUS: Asia’s real living dinosaur dragon AND a creepy village of unburied dead for horror fans 


1.The Bali Jungle From Above

Ride a skateboard in the jungle canopy, walk a tightrope or zipline from tree to tree.  It’s why Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is one of our favourite Bali Jungle sights. Why? Because  you get to move in and around the jungle canopy and enjoy a view like never before. There are suspended bridges, Tarzan jumps, spider nets, flying swings and more. Book your stay at  Bali Palms and they’ll organise a tour for you.

Bali jungle sights from above

2. Spooky  Trunyan – Jungle Village Of The Unburied Dead.

So, this is truly one of the Bali jungle sights that could alter your world view. Warning:  it’s not for the faint-hearted only the seriously curious or the incurably ghoulish. The first thing you’ll notice are the human skulls – rows of them. Then bamboo conical arrangements placed over corpses. What? Yes, seriously… you see, Trunyan is a place where the dead are laid on top of the ground, and surrounded by their favourite crockery, cutlery and even money – the things they used and enjoyed most while alive.  And what about the smell? Well that’s the weird thing, it apparently doesn’t smell bad, because of the presence of a really special strongly perfumed tree. 

And the locals don’t find it strange at all, in fact from their point of view, it’s an honour to be laid to rest here. And not every dead person cracks the nod – you have to die of natural causes and you must have been married. Apparently the last two things are signs of a life fully lived. Book your stay at  Bali Palms and they’ll organise a tour for you.

The Bali jungle sights and smells?


3.The Legend of Goa Gajah

Some people find Elephant Cave or Goa Gajah, creepy to look at, but the Balinese legend behind it is even creepier – imagine a giant, carving out the rock by scraping at it with his bare fingernails. It sends shivers! That said, it’s actually a really beautiful place once you go in. Lotus ponds, waterfalls, bridges and stairs all framed in lush, tropical foliage. You’ll also find a temple with shrines and a bathing pool all dating back to the 11th century.  Altogether one of the coolest Bali jungle sights.  Book your stay at  Bali Palms and they’ll organise a tour for you.                                                       

Bali Jungle legends

4. Gunung Kawi Temple In A Jungle Ravine

It looks like a scene out of tomb raider, right there in the middle of the jungle, covered in vines.  This is one of those truly majestic Bali Jungle sights you shouldn’t miss. Imagine, it’s situated on either side of the  Pakrisan river, with shrines carved into the rock faces of the river banks. And, the connection is via stone bridge.  And it all dates back to the 11th century. Plus it’s part of a mind-blowing complex of temples and shrines. Wow! Don’t take our word for it – it’s one of those Bali jungle sights you must see for yourself. Book your stay at  Bali Palms and they’ll organise a tour for you.

The ultimate Bali jungle temple


5. The long-tailed Macaques of Alas Kedaton 

Meet the adorable baby long-tailed Macaques and get a close up view of these fascinating primates in their natural habitat. While Bali is home to quite a few monkey forests, if you’re looking for a place where there are more monkeys than tourists, try Alas Kedaton nutmeg  forest and temple in Kutuh village Tabanan. This is one of the Bali jungle sights that is pretty much off the beaten tourist track and closer to the real Bali where you’ll also find Bali Palms with 10 private jungle villas and a pool. 

Groomed at all times in Alas Kedaton one of the most rewarding Bali jungle sights

6. Breakfast With The Orangutans 

Become besties with the most loving of the animals in the Bali jungle. The orangutans will steal your heart – we share 97% of our DNA with them. Get silly with them and then have breakfast alongside them. And meet the apricot-colored baby  Javan Langurs plus a whole of other primates.  They’re at Bali zoo which covers an impressive 9 hectares of lush Bali jungle. It’s home to at least 450 exotic creatures including honey bears, lions, astonishingly beautiful birds and reptiles to blow you away. We reckon the iguana will steal your heart. Bali Zoo is one of the must-visit Bali jungle sights. Stay at Bali Palms and they’ll arrange it for you. 

Unforgettable Bali jungle sights at Bali Zoo


7. Go Jungle Trekking 

Wander deep into the jungle, surrounded by ferns and voluptuously coloured orchids, spot deer, monkeys and incredible birds. And, stroll through rain forests, then back into dense jungle where you can swim in waterfall pools and discover sacred temples. Bali jungle sights are unforgettable. Book your stay at  Bali Palms and they’ll organise a jungle trekking excursion for you. 

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Bali jungle trekking

8. Sing Sing Jungle Waterfall Magic

Enchanting,  sheltered in a shady enclave in the middle of the jungle, and off the beaten track. You may even get there to find you have Sing Sing Waterfall blissfully all to yourself!  Among must-view Bali Jungle sights are the waterfalls. And while Sing Sing isn’t the highest, it’s notable because it’s a twin waterfall. Set yourself up in one of the cute little huts which provide shade or shelter from rain. Bring a picnic! And, it’s only ten minutes from Bali Palms the “real” Bali Jungle Resort.

Check out a few more waterfalls in Bali


9. The Beauties Of Bali Bird Park 

Black-haired beauty Anna Maria, she’ll sing and dance for you. She’s a black palm cockatoo and she’s not the only one who likes to get close at Bali Bird Park –  the psychedelic macaws are also sweeties, and they are spectacular, we’re talking  crimson, sunshine yellow, emerald and sapphire. And don’t forget Bali’s national bird, the adorable but endangered blue starling. They’re among 1000 birds made up of 250 species. Compiling your list of Bali jungle sights? The birds should be right up there. Book your stay at  Bali Palms and they’ll organise a tour for you.

Eye the Bali birds

10. Bug’s Life at Bali Butterfly Park 

Say hello to the world’s biggest beetle – we dare you to let it sit on your hand, it will take up your entire palm! But don’t worry, the Indonesian rhino beetle is harmless, just like the massive stick insects and those crazy little bugs you’ll mistake for dead leaves or dainty pink orchids. And what about the butterfly disguised with a snake head on its wings? They’re all part of Bali jungle sights and you’ll find them at Bali butterfly park along with tarantulas, scorpions and a bunch of other creepy crawlies.  Book your stay at Bali Palms and we’ll organise the trip for you.

All a flutter – Bali jungle sights

11. Meet A Living Dinosaur

It’s got spikes, a thick tail with a crest and angry eyes. Yup, it’s a dinosaur and you can meet one in Bali. Seriously, the sailfin dragons are likely to be the closest living thing to actual dinos of old. Add this to your Bali jungle sights list. When you stay at Bali Palms, we can arrange a Bali Reptile Park outing for you.    

And: What’s else is there to do, see and explore in the Bali jungle?

Oh, wow, the list is endless. For starters, you can bath an elephant. Then, get pick-pocketed by a monkey and fry an egg in an active volcano. You have to try them all at least once: See the most unique “pics-or-it-didn’t-happen” Bali jungle experiences.

Elephants to love in Bali

OR: Canoe in a volcanic crater lake, make your own silver rings, and even learn to cook with one of Bali’s top chefs. Also, get amazing clothes, bags and art at craft markets for rock-bottom prices. Plus the secret beaches and waterfalls you could have all to yourself. Discover 10 Bali holiday to do musts.

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Bali Markets – an exhilarating shopper’s high

WHAT ABOUT: Yoga overlooking the jungle? Or a game of golf on a cliff above the Indian Ocean or in a volcanic crater? Discover Bali yoga and golf holiday

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Bali yoga bliss

Or discover 17 of the most unique and crazy Bali jungle activities that cost less than you think.

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Have a close encounter with Sumataran Tigers on a night Safari

AND: Stay in a Bali holiday house with chef and enjoy unbelievable food made from the freshest ingredients. 

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Fish tacos – a favourite on the menu at Bali Palms

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