Want to meet a dinosaur, have breakfast with an orangutan and supper with a tiger? Plus: a close-up with massive pythons, iguanas you can love, and other animals of the Bali jungle you won’t find anywhere else


One of the most amazing things about Bali is that quite a few of the animals of the Bali jungle you won’t find anywhere else. You see, evolution took a very different path for a lot of the birds and some mammals in Bali. It’s because of a really deep body of water that separates Bali from neighbouring land masses. Some species just didn’t cross it, which makes a lot of Bali’s fauna pretty unique.


Meet A Real Live Dinosaur

It’s got spikes, a thick tail with a crest and angry eyes. Yup, it’s a dinosaur and you can meet one in Bali. Seriously, the sailfin dragons are likely to be the closest living thing to actual dinos of old. And, how about making friends with an enormous reticulated python? Or maybe you want to give some love to the iguanas – they’re the friendly guys. But, you might not want to get that close to the king cobra and its sidekicks, those venomous vipers though. Most of the animals in the Bali jungle keep their distance.  When you stay at Bali Palms, we can arrange a Bali Reptile Park outing for you.    

Are There Tigers in Bali?

Well not in the wild these days, although they used to rule over the animals of the Bali jungle and they roamed free on the slopes of  Bali’s volcanic mountains. But you can still meet them. Only this time it’s you in a cage and the tigers are looking in. Stay at Bali Palms and we can organise a thrilling night safari encounter with these giant cats.

FUN FACT: Tigers are one of the mammals that didn’t cross the biogeographical line, that’s why you won’t find them in Australia for example, only in Asia.

+62 361 950000 Bali Safari and MarinePark

Which  are the most dangerous animals of the Bali jungle?

The Komodo dragon may well be the most dangerous among the animals of the Bali jungle, with those shark-like teeth and a habit of ripping open the throat of their prey. Their bite is fatal and they’ll eat anything – even their own babies. You can find them at the Bali Reptile Park, the Bali Zoo and Bali Safari and Marine Park. If you want to see them in their natural habitat,  take a short trip across the water to Rinca Island. If you want to see these formidable guys, We can organise your trip when you book a Bali luxury holiday.

Komodo dragon’s reign of terror

Bali’s Dangerous Dogs

In Bali, you’re warned not to pet stray dogs, or any dogs for that matter. They’re generally trained to guard, so while they may look cute and friendly, be warned, their bite is often worse than their bark. Infection and rabies are definitely a risk. 


Monkeying Around 

Hang out with the Bali long-tailed macaques and they’ll happily rob you blind. They steal sunglasses, caps, jewelry, purses and even the thongs off your feet. It’s all for ransom – they’ll return your stuff in exchange for food.  

Why Are Monkeys  Considered Sacred?

You can’t talk about the animals of the Bali Jungle without getting into monkey business. They may act immoral, but monkeys are considered sacred by the Balinese Hindus. They believe that monkeys are either reincarnated humans or they’re about to be reincarnated as humans in a next life. This means they need some heavenly protection, and that’s why you’ll find temples in Bali’s monkey sanctuaries. When you book a Bali jungle villa with pool, we can arrange a visit to any of the sacred monkey forests for you.    

Way too sneaky – these are the Bali long-tailed Macaques

Breakfast With The Orangutans 

Become besties with the most loving of the animals in the Bali jungle. The Orangutans will steal your heart. Get silly with them and then have breakfast alongside them. Book your Bali luxury holiday and we’ll organise it all for you. 

Bali Zoo +62 361 294357


Bali’s Birdlife  

Cuddle black-haired beauty Anna Maria, she’ll sing and dance for you. She’s a black palm cockatoo and she’s not the only one who likes to get close at Bali Bird Park –  the psychedelic macaws are also sweeties, and they are spectacular, we’re talking  crimson, sunshine yellow, emerald and sapphire. We haven’t even started on the wreathed hornbills. And don’t forget Bali’s national bird, the adorable but endangered blue starling. They’re among 1000 birds made up of 250 species. If seeing the animals of the Bali jungle is on your list, the birds should be right up there. 

Book your stay at Bali Palms, and we’ll arrange the visit for you.

Bali Bird Park Whatsapp 0811-3883-388 

It’s a Bug’s Life at Bali Butterfly Park 

Say hello to the world’s biggest beetle – we dare you to let it sit on your hand, it will take up your entire palm! But don’t worry, the Indonesian rhino beetle is harmless, just like the massive stick insects and those crazy little bugs you’ll mistake for dead leaves or dainty pink orchids. And what about the butterfly disguised with a snake head on its wings? See them at Bali Butterfly Park along with tarantulas, scorpions and a bunch of other creepy crawlies. Perfect for fans of bugs and animals of the Bali jungle.  Book a stay at Bali Palms and we’ll organise the trip for you.

Bali Butterfly Garden in Tabanan +62 (0)361 8940595

The Beautiful Bali Elephants 

Okay these guys are from nearby Sumatra and they’ve been rescued to save them from the threats of poaching and deforestation. Native to Indonesia, at one time they roamed free in rainforests.  Visit  Mason’s Elephant Park in Bali where you can bath them, play with them and take a ride on a gentle giant’s back for a bird’s eye view of other animals of the Bali jungle. 

Mason Elephant Park Whatsapp  +62 811 3979 480 


When we checked, these activities were all available during the Covid period. But note that individual places and tours have the right to change their Covid safety policies or even close at any time. Also important: Take note of any travel bans and see the Bali Palms Covid safety regulations.


Visiting all these animals of the Bali jungle can be arranged for you when you stay at Bali Palms, so it’s a great option for your Bali holiday accommodation. And if you’re not familiar with it, Bali Palms basically offers you your own private Bali jungle villa with a pool for half the price of a hotel stay.

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