WATCH: At night, with friends, as a couple, free & cheap: These are some of the most unique and crazy Bali jungle activities that cost less than you think

Night safaris. Muddy martial arts. And the most scenic temple on the island. You won’t believe how cheap these 17 awesome Bali jungle activities are – most are FREE! And you can choose from jungle experiences at night, with friends, stuff for couples, really crazy and unique things to do in Bali, or just the most relaxing adventures on the island, a few minutes’ drive from the ultimate Bali accommodation at Bali Palms.

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1. Meet a tiger in the dark on a Night Safari

A walk. A drive. And dinner’s included! Encounter big cats, rhinos, hippos – over 100 wild animals – all after dark at the Bali Safari & Marine Park’s night safaris. Plus: It all ends in an awesome dinner and fire dancing show. Come hungry.

Cost: around $50 per person

Contact: Phone:(+62) 361 950 000 | Email: [email protected] 

2. What happens after dark at the zoo

Ok, so not technically in the jungle itself, but safer: the rainforest is actually very dangerous at night. The Bali Zoo in Gianyar, just 50 minutes from Bali Palms, offers an exclusive nighttime zoo experience that starts with a beach sunset and goes onto exploring wildlife at night, if you dare.

Cost: around $290 for 4 people

Contact: Phone: (+62) 361 294 357 | Email: [email protected] 


3. Group jungle trekking in Ubud

Waterfalls, rainforest and rice paddies. You can book a group jungle trekking adventure that takes you and your friends from Taro through the local rice agriculture fields and into the heart of the rainforest – stopping and enjoying every waterfall along the way. You get a local guide, and it’s super chill – every fitness level welcome!

Cost: about $50 per person

Contact: Phone: (+62) 361 721480 | WhatsApp: (+62) 811 3979 480 

4. Visit the Ubud Monkey Sanctuary for less during Covid 19

One of Bali’s best-known tourist attractions. The Sacred Monkey Forest and temples are an absolute must-visit. But did you know you get a special discount now? It’s only $4 dollars to get in, so you can bring everyone!

Cost: 4$ per person

Contact: Phone: (+62) 361 971304 | Email: [email protected] 

5. Blaze your own trails through the forest on a quad bike

Adrenaline. Fuel. And the rainforest. What better way to explore the jungle than on your own quad bike? Ride two-two, or get everyone their own. Best part: You can organize to have your bike parked right outside your villa when you arrive at Bali Palms.

Contact: Phone: (+62) 811 3889 822 | Email: [email protected] 


6. Learn the ancient martial art of Mepantigan in the mud

Kick. Flip. And get dirty. This age-old form of martial arts is practiced in the mud – no exceptions! And you can experience it at Gianyar, just 60 minutes from Bali Palms. You can watch shows or get down and dirty yourself with a training session.

Contact: Phone: (+62) 818 352 471 | Email: [email protected] 

7. Cycle through the treetops

30 Meters up. A bike. And you (screaming, if you like). One of the most outrageous new Bali jungle activities is the Ubud Sky Bike. And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Contact: Phone: (+62) 822 3636 5577 | Email: [email protected] 

8. Enduro motocross through the jungle

When normal ATVs are too casual for your liking, there’s always an enduro tour to get your heart going. We’re talking waterfalls, rivers, jungle and quaint little villages – all from your choice of Kawasaki or KTM. 

Cost: from $90 per person

Contact: WhatsApp: (+62) 878 5595 6801 | Email: [email protected] 


9. Chill & catch your own supper

Fishing is BIG in Bali. You have so many options – there’s spear fishing, deep sea fishing, coral fishing (from a traditional Balinese boat). But our absolute favourite is right in our own backyard. Did you know that your Bali Palms accommodation includes fishing rods and access to our stocked Tilapia and Gurame ponds? No jokes, bring your catch to the restaurant and Chef will prepare it for your supper. Only at Bali Palms.

Cost: FREE with your stay

Contact: Phone: (+62) 811 3889 822 | Email: [email protected] 

10. Go from treetop yoga to golf courses all day

From unique yoga experiences to awesome golf courses to explore. You can basically just travel from yoga platform to new greens all around the island all day long. Check out these 10 nearby Bali yoga and golf holiday experiences.

11. Have a Bali jungle smudging experience 

Have your aura cleansed with jungle smudging, meditation and a trek to an ancient temple along hidden trails and through the lush jungle of Bali Aga Village. Immerse yourself in a holy spring in a sacred ritual known as Melukat. Emerge feeling peaceful, happier and more present. You can book through Bali Palms

Contact: Phone: (+62) 811 3889 822 | Email: [email protected] 


12. Do the couple thing at the swings

Romance. Double beds. And all of it 20 storeys up. Some of the most Instagrammable shots of Bali are at the official swings. And no one’s going to argue that it’s a cool thing to do as a couple. Just be sure you go to the official Bali Swing.

Cost: from $35 per person

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Reach Cloud 9 on the bed swing

Contact: Phone: (+62) 878 8828 8832 | Email: [email protected] 

13. Authentic tea ritual and your own private waterfall 

Balinese tea. A private waterfall. And just a short walk from your own villa and pool. We host regular tea experiences for guests – and, yes! that’s our own private waterfall. Book and see for yourself at Bali Palms.

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Tea Bali-style by the waterfall

Contact: Phone: (+62) 811 3889 822 | Email: [email protected] 


14. Chase waterfalls all day long

You don’t have to spend any money to enjoy Bali. Nature’s FREE, and there’s so much of it here. The best? Get yourself a moped and check out Tegenungan Waterfall, south of Ubud, Git Git Waterfall, south of Lovina, or the Banyumala Twin Waterfalls in Buleleng.

Cost: FREE

15. Dare to enter the elephant cave at Goa Gajah

The 11th-century temple. Piles of relics. And, of course, the cave. One of Ubud’s biggest attractions, this Hindu temple inside a cave is still littered with relics from the last excavations in the 1950s. And it’s a must-do on any Bali trip. 

Cost: $1.15 per person

16. See the temple in the ocean

Built to honor the Hindu sea god, this is the most unique temple in Bali. It’s literally on its own rock out in the ocean. And, if you wait for low tide, you can walk all the way to the temple base and make a donation to the priest for a blessing, then traverse the side to the inner temple. Magical!

Cost: $1.40 per person

Contact: Phone: (+62) 361 880 361 

17. Best Bali nature walk

One of the most amazing FREE activities on the island is the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It takes you around villages, parts of the jungle, and it’s easy enough for anyone to enjoy. Best part: Come at different times of the day for a new experience every time!

Cost: FREE

18. Explore the rice fields of Bali

There’s actually an awesome walk that’s FREE, easy and takes you through all the best spots. The Kajeng Rice Fields Walk is an awesome way to see the rice fields, starting from Ubud village.

Cost: FREE


When we checked, these activities were all available during the Covid period. But note that individual places and tours have the right to change their Covid safety policies or even close at any time. Also important: Take note of any travel bans and see the Bali Palms Covid safety regulations.


All of these jungle activities are located within 1 hour from Bali Palms, so it’s a great option for your Bali holiday accommodation. And if you’re not familiar with it, Bali Palms basically offers you your own private Bali jungle villa with a pool for half the price of a hotel stay.

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